NutritionNutritional medicine continues to be the most powerful and underrated form of medicine on the planet. Roughly 80% of all hospital admissions occur as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.

‘You are what you eat’ is a commonly used phrase and a throw away line, people rarely stop to think about the truth of this saying. The food you consume gets digested in the stomach and absorbed via the intestines. These nutrients (or lack of) become your blood, muscle, organs, skin ect as well as becoming your proteins and hormones, which directly affect your mood and emotional status.

Whether you like it or not, your diet directly affects every cell in your body and every aspect of your life and wellbeing.

Correct amounts of protein, lipid (fats) and carbohydrate as essential for optimal health, but humans are far more complex than just needing these three basic ingredience.
The human body is not just like a machine requiring these three things. We are also ruled by thought, feeling and emotion so many additional cofactors, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are required for optimal health. Every individual will require slightly different amounts of these things to promote health and keep you feeling good.

Supplements may be necessary to treat specific health complaints, but my first approach is always to modify the diet as the vast majority of your nutrition should be obtained from the foods you eat daily.

Are you tired in the afternoon? Do you suffer from headaches or period pain? Are you feeling muscle aches and pains or get sick and have low energy more often than you should? More often than not, nutrition is the answer. You might be on a ‘good diet’ but it might not be right for you.

Learning the right foods to consume for your individual constitution will assist you not only in the short term but for the rest of your life… Come and find out why!

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This term is used loosely and with many variants, so what exactly is a superfood? I define superfoods as ‘any edible substance with an exceptionally high nutrient content and also provides medicinal value’.