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Dr Rosemary Latto D.O.

Rosemary Latto
Rosemary Latto

Rosemary was fortunate to find her chosen profession quite early in her life. She studied in London at the British School of Osteopathy and graduated in her early twenties.

Initially she worked in Munich – Germany – and then came to Australia to work for 2 years in a practice in Melbourne – a great introduction to life in Australia where she has lived ever since.Time on the Sunshine Coast came next – and had her children there and eventually she came to Perth in the early eighties and has been here ever since. She worked in a group practice initially but since 1988 has been a solo practitioner – which was perfect for bringing up children mingled with working from a home base.

Osteopathy has been a perfect career for her – and all these years later she is still in practice and really enjoying being able to still be of service.She was part of a group of Osteopaths that managed to get legislation passed to properly register Osteopaths in Western Australia, which subsequently allowed patients to use their private health funds when getting Osteopathic treatments. She was the former president of the West Australian Osteopathic Association.

Interested in all areas of healing Rosemary has done many postgraduate courses to better understand and use different tools to help patients heal. Her background in England was medical with both parents being medical doctors, as well as uncles and aunts and 3 brothers also in the profession. So good health has always been of interest to her – especially diet and exercise which are both essential adjuncts to allowing the body to heal itself. She has also been fascinated in the emotional side of disease and finds patients heal better when they start to understand the connection between the body and mind.

She is delighted to be working with Ben, her son, who recently returned from Melbourne where he has spent the last several years studying. She finds that Osteopathy and Acupuncture are a very powerful combination, and patients really like, and appreciate, getting both modalities under one roof.

Dr Benjamin O’Brien (Chinese Medicine) M.Sc., B.Hs.

Benjamin O’Brien comes from a long line of practitioner’s of both western and natural medicine.

Ben completed a double degree in both acupuncture and nutritional medicine and is also qualified in both An Mo Tui Na (Chinese massage) and western Remedial massage. Part of Ben’s acupuncture training involved completing an internship in China at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in Nanning, Guangxi.

Ben has personal experience in the healing capacity of acupuncture and continues to be inspired by what Chinese medicine offers to millions of people around the world. Ben’s other great passion involves using food as medicine for the incredible health benefits seen in both the short and long term for his patients and himself when the correct foods are regularly consumed.

Ben has completed a master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and completed a second internship at Guangxi and was able to teach Chinese Medicine as well as study it. He strongly believes in the vast healing power of plant medicine and the lack of side effects often seen with the use of many modern western pharmaceutical medications.